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What's Cosplay without models?
Meet some of the best models and performers in the World. Our directory gives you direct access to page models, performers and exclusive guests for your next event or creative project.


The life blood of our industry
They say, "Pics or it didn't happen." These fashion photographers, cinematographers and graphic designers know how to capture and create a vibe. Don't rely on your friend's cell phone to capture your greatness; trust a professional.


Conceive, Believe, Achieve
The right design is the most important part of a great project. Designers can imagine costumes like you've never seen them before! Learn more about the essentials when planning your project by talking to one of these talented individuals.

Stylists &

Great hair and make-up skills are a CRAFT
From prosthetics and make-up that transform to elaborate wigs and hair creations, the right touch can really bring a look together. From pointers to professional assistance for your next appearance see how these artists can help elevate your game.


This ain't your Grandma's Dress-Up!!!
Weapons, props, leatherwork & armor... These pieces transport the wearer into larger-than-life worlds by bringing their characters alive. It's these details that will really take your project to the NEXT LEVEL

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